XLSX Spreadsheet Format

XLSX is a file format used to store and count both textual and numeric data.

This file extension was created to open and edit with Microsoft Excel and gained its popularity together with this software. Files in XLSX format not only contain classic spreadsheet information but also includes countings made according to the formulas and graphs.

These files support mathematical models and connections to various data sources created in MS Excel. Newer versions of this software brought new possibilities for those files.

For example, spreadsheets created with the latest Excel versions are fully compatible with different devices and can easily be edited from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Technical Details of XLSX Spreadsheets

XLSX is an XML-based file format that was developed in 2000.

In addition to the regular binary file used earlier, it also contains the advantage of small file sizes and presents better image formatting. Actually, it’s a ZIP archive with an XML directory structure. It may contain textual information, numerals, countings, or links to other documents, as well as information sources organized in a set of numbered rows and lettered columns.

In most cases, it’s used to process statistical data or automatically make arithmetic operations.

File extension .xlsx
File category Spreadsheet
Associated programs

Microsoft Excel 2007

Open Office

Oxygen Office Progessional (Linux)

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Developer Microsoft