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How to Protect Your PDF Document

We usually don’t take into consideration that something wrong could happen with our PDF documents.

We keep tons of them on our laptops and desktop computers. The procedure of sending and receiving them via email is easy and almost second-nature for most of us. And for the most part, the average PDF user isn’t too concerned about the security of their PDFs - usually because they’re non-confidential materials such as publicly-accessible document samples, programs, schedules or some articles for reading in portable document format. In short, you’re not worried about how to protect PDF files, because the ones you have are already disclosed.

And yet, when you store and share (for example) corporate documents such as contracts, invoices and NDAs - you want to be sure that they won’t get into the wrong hands. The best thing to do is to add a password to any document that you think has sensitive information.

With the help of AltoProtectPDF, you’ll be able to lock confidential documents in a few seconds, and you’ll definitely know that your PDFs are protected from, editing, sharing and copying.

Nobody will be able to access your information without your authorization, and only recipients provided with your custom password will be able to open the file.

The How to Guide

How to set up a password online:

  1. First, open your Internet browser and enter altoprotectpdf.com.
  2. Click on the orange button to choose the file.
  3. Select the file you need to protect.
  4. When it’s uploaded, create a password for your file.
  5. Click on the eye icon to make it visible and check if the password is correct.
  6. When you’re ready with the secret combination of symbols, click Protect File Now!
  7. Continue to Work on Your PDF, but first, enter the password to get access to it.
  8. Click Download Now to save the file on your device.


Restrict Changes in Your PDF Document

Deny access to your files with the help of AltoProtectPDF’s security features.

  • Upload documents from any device or Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storages.
  • Create password protection for your PDF in a matter of a few clicks.
  • The system shows if your password is too short or simple - which helps to make it more powerful and secure.
  • Stay secure with our 128-bit AES encryption applied in the program.
  • Proceed to work with the file in the PDFfiller editor. Change the font and size of the text, add fillable fields, checkmarks, media objects and so much more.
  • Download the finished PDF with content protected from copying.


Protect your PDF file for free using AltoProtectPDF. Keep sensitive information under lock and enjoy the benefits of the intuitive and user-friendly interface. Moreover, the website offers you the option to customize your documents with a wide range of editing tools.

Don’t hesitate - try them today!