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How to Split PDFs

Ever since their first initial use, PDF documents have proved to be a convenient and safe way to store and transmit data.

And it's already known that portable document format allows you to manipulate certain aspects of a file, while at the same time, keeping the actual content of the file unchanged. Moreover, you can easily protect any confidential information in a PDF by setting up a password. These are just a few examples of the advantages PDF format has in comparison to other text formats.

However, depending on what the user is trying to accomplish, there can be some difficulties when trying to handle and edit PDF documents. A common issue people often run into is when the set order of pages needs to be fixed. When trying to split PDF pages, users unknowingly go above and beyond what they need to do by inventing complicated methods to manipulate pages. This may include printing out and scanning a needed page, or converting a file into Word - just for the purpose of extracting only a single piece of information. It goes without saying that such processes can be very time-consuming to say the least.

To avoid all of these complex processes, all users need to do is to take advantage of our solution specifically designed for separating pages.

File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF is document format that is widely used for storing and exchanging different types of information. Besides text and visual content PDF contains page layout information, that defines the initial view of a document as well as location of each item on the page. Using special tools you can major changes changes to a document.
Technical Details: The traditional way to create PDF documents is a virtual printer. This means, the document itself is prepared in a specific program — a graphic program or text editor, CAD, etc., and then it is exported to PDF format for distribution in electronic form, transfering to the printing house, etc.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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How to Split PDFs into Smaller Parts

Users who want to Split and save PDF documents can do so in a fraction of the time it usually takes them as long as they choose the right splitter.

An example of such freeware is the AltoSplit website - designed intentionally for separating specific pages from an original file.

The way it works is very straightforward. The process basically consists of three steps:

  1. Upload
  2. Divide
  3. Save


So it's time to forget about complex downloading processes and jumping through hoops - split up multiple files as easy as 1-2-3.


The How to Guide

How to Split a Single File Online

  1. Enter into your internet browser.
  2. Upload your file by clicking Choose File or import it from your cloud storage.
  3. Select one or more pages that need to be separated simply by clicking/tapping on them.
  4. In addition, you can specify the page numbers or the range of pages in the field above.
  5. Click Split Now! to launch the process.
  6. Wait a few seconds while the splitter does its work.
  7. Press Download now to get the newly-divided part of the document.
  8. If you need to modify, sign or distribute the initial file, click Work on your PDF.
  9. In order to split more pages, use the Start over again function.


How to Get Separate Pages from a PDF

With the help of Alto technology, managing your documents becomes less difficult - which allows you to more easily meet your specific documentation-related needs.

Also, you don't want to miss the other useful sides of this solution:

  • Utilize the AltoSplit site for free, without any logins, passwords, email confirmations or the need for purchasing any subscriptions.
  • Avoid the usual long and cumbersome procedures of document management with our intuitive interface and straightforward chain of actions.
  • Save time by performing all the necessary steps in less than a minute.
  • Split documents from Windows, iOS, or Linux using any kind of device - whether it's a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Process as many files as you need with no set limitations.
    Save the separated pages in your device or cloud storage.


Try AltoSplit today and see for yourself how quickly this tool can boost your productivity.

Use other Alto sites to get comprehensive management for all your document workflow.