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How to Merge PDF Files

These days, technology provides us with many different and convenient ways to manage our documents.

We have numerous solutions for text processing, image processing and converting at our disposal. It's already possible to transform any PDF file into Word, Excel, a PowerPoint presentation, as well as PNG and JPG image formats. However, being able to convert one file type into another isn't always enough - sometimes we need to combine several documents together.

Whenever you have to merge multiple documents into one PDF, the AltoMergePDF converter is the perfect tool to use.

All you have to do is:

  1. Upload the files.
  2. Click/tap on Merge PDFs Now!
  3. Download the resulting file.


So now you can forget about any complicated processes for inserting the necessary information into your PDF file. If you have two or more files to combine, take a few seconds to simply do it online.

File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF is file extension that is used for representing documents in a manner that is independent of the the original operating system or software. PDF documents also contain Plug-in for Web browsers that enables them to be viewed inside a browser window. PDF document content can be viewed and edited as well as merged or rotated due to flexible layout settings.
Technical Details: Most often, a PDF file is a combination of text with raster and vector graphics, sometimes it is text with forms. Information volumes of two equally-looking on-screen PDF documents can vary significantly. It depends on several basic characteristics. First of all, embedding or linking fonts and multimedia, then raster images resolution, using the built-in compression mechanism for the entire document, and finally raster image compression algorithms.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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The How to Guide

How to Make One PDF From Several Separate Ones

  1. Enter the website into your internet browser.
  2. Choose the files you need to merge using the respective button.
  3. Alternatively, you can select documents from your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account.
  4. Wait for them to finish loading.
  5. Rearrange the order of your documents by clicking and dragging them to where you want them to be.
  6. Click the Merge PDFs Now! button.
  7. Download the integral file consisting of your original ones.
  8. If there’s anything you’d like to do with the primary documents, click the orange Continue Editing button.
  9. Start the process over again if you have more items that you'd like to combine.


How to Merge PDF Files Without Installing any Software

The online service AltoMergePDF gives you the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Forget about installations, subscriptions and authorization via email or login.
  • Enjoy a straightforward and helpful interface. All functions are intuitive without any supplementary actions.
  • Work from your Mac/desktop computer - or on-the-go from any kind of smartphone or tablet connected to the internet.
  • Create a single document from multiple ones in less than a minute.
  • Merge multiple PDF files into one and then convert it into another format - then proceed working on your new file.
  • AltoMergePDF never keeps your files which guarantees their security. No authentication is required.
  • You can carry out the merging procedure as many times as you want. No matter how many documents you have already merged, you can use this tool over and over again.


Check out how convenient our AltoMergePDF online service is and combine your PDFs at anytime from any device. This website is designed to boost your document management and make your routine operations faster and easier.