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How to Convert PDF into PPT Presentation

PowerPoint is a well-known program that belongs to Microsoft Office. It’s designed to allow users to create slides with text, pictures, video and music which can be displayed in presentations in ppt or pptx format.

This solution works for numerous purposes. It’s especially useful when it comes to presenting reports intended for a large audience or for summarizing information that accompanies a speech.

If the user knows how to apply all of its advantages and manage the files correctly, PowerPoint can have indispensable value during the process of creating a wonderful presentation. A project can be created not only within the program itself but also involve information from PDF documents. Information stored in portable document format can be easily extracted by converting PDF to PowerPoint.

This procedure is carried out using a PDF to ppt converter also known as our AltoPDFtoPPT converter.

File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF is universally compatible file format, that was developed in order to transfer information without reference to OS, hardware or software. In 2008 PDF became an open standard, so time control of the specification is under International Organization for Standardization. PDF document also may be encrypted and signed with digital signatures.
Technical Details: PDF is a file extension, that may be used for different purposes. That is why PDF document is always a combination of several elements. PDF document can contain text, vector graphics, raster graphics and other multimedia components. In addition some software can automatically produce tagged PDFs, so it is easily accessible for disabled people.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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File extension .ppt/.pptx
Internet media type .ppt-application/
Description: The PPT file is a presentation or editable slide show created with Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation consists of separate slides, each of which may contain formatted text, images, video, sound effects. It is also possible to add various effects of switching slides, the appearance of text, objects. Many templates are often used to create PowerPoint documents (files with the extensions .POT, .POTM, .POTX).
Technical Details: PPT files contain a large number of slides or pages with various types of information. In general, any presentation is similar to the process of presenting information with a projector. Elements on each slide can be edited and moved freely. With PowerPoint, PPT documents can be printed, displayed and flipped on a computer or projector connected to a computer, and downloaded online.
Initial Release: Microsoft
Initial Release: May 22, 1990
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The How to Guide

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation from a PDF

  1. Decide which file you need to include in your presentation.
  2. Access the website AltoPDFtoPPT by entering its address in your web browser.
  3. Once you’re there, select how you’d like to upload the file: such as from your desktop, mobile device or one of your cloud storages.
  4. Click the Start button to begin the uploading process and wait a few seconds.
  5. Press Convert Now! to launch the free PDF to ppt converter.
  6. Download the obtained pptx file to your device.
  7. Repeat the conversion process if necessary.
  8. Make changes to your new file with the help of the PDF editor by clicking on/tapping the orange Work on your PDF button.


Convert Your PDFs to PowerPoint Online

Managing the format of your documents with the help of AltoPDFtoPPT allows you to extract necessary data from one document and easily utilize it in another one.

There’s a wide range of benefits you can get from our PDF to ppt converter:

  • Turn your document into editable text.
  • Change the file format free of charge. the AltoPDFtoPPT converter doesn’t send any registration emails and will never require you to provide your credit card information.
  • This web-solution is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and any other types of smartphones or tablets. The file will automatically open in the program supporting ppt or pptx format - regardless of the operating system that you use.
  • Adjust style, size, color and relevant location of the text.
  • Select different template designs provided by MS developers.
  • Add media objects and hyperlinks to customize your presentation.
  • Set the appearance of your text. Indicate the time interval and how it will appear on the slide. There are numerous types of ways objects can come into view on the slide.
  • Arrange the timing for objects to appear simultaneously with other sound effects. For example, a certain part of text might appear on the screen accompanied with background music.