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How to Convert JPG image to PDF

AltoPDF team

Mar 4 2020 / 16 min read

Meet our online solution that will help you to instantly turn pictures into editable documents.

The AltoJPGtoPDF website is a platform where you can upload a photo to a PDF converter and change its format for free.

File extension .jpg/.jpeg
Internet media type image/jpeg
Description: JPG file extension is the most commonly used and recognizable. It was first released in 1992. Based on the discrete cosine transform (DCT), JPG allows you to save images of sufficient quality, while consuming the minimum amount of space. This is primarily important for storing digital photos in the Internet environment.
Technical Details: The main feature of JPG is controlling the loss of quality during compression. Any user or editor is able to control the compression, in contrast to .png. It's very simple: with .jpg you choose how much to cut the quality of the image and thereby determine the size of the final file. The worse the quality, the smaller the size. This saves a tremendous amount of disk space.
Developed by Joint Photographic Experts Group
Initial Release: September 18, 1992
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File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It was created as an electronic version of of a paper document. PDF should capture all the elements of a hard copy, including visual content, tables graphics, etc. PDF is also widely used as a printable fillable form or a document from the Web.
Technical Details: PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This document format was created 1990s by Adobe Systems. PDF still remains proprietary format, and became an open standard in 2008. PDF is now under control of an International Organization for Standardization Committee of volunteer industry experts. A PDF document is a 7-bit ASCII file, except for certain elements that may have binary content.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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Convert JPG to PDF Documents Online

One of the most usable and popular formats for photos and pictures, in general, is JPG (also known as the Joint Photographic Experts Group - which founded it. Usually the letter E is omitted).

It’s most likely that when downloading images from external sources, receiving them from other people or saving them from a scanner, they will be saved in this format. But now you have the opportunity to transform them using the AltoJPGtoPDF web-solution.

  • Create PDFs from JPG photos right in the browser for free.
  • Get a document that will preserve the formatting and the rate of compression regardless of what device or operating system you utilize.
  • Carry out multiple image conversions and merge them into one object.
  • Easily share PDFs with your colleagues and partners.
  • Add images to the documents by changing their format, instead of inserting them as media objects.
  • Do everything fast, without any installations. You also don’t have to purchase subscriptions or undergo a registration procedure.
  • Work on the resulted file in the PDF editor. Add text, draw objects, and insert fillable fields.
  • Distribute your file via link, email, fax or print it out if necessary.


The How to Guide

How to Convert JPG into PDF without an Adobe Converter

  1. Enter altojpgtopdf in your internet browser's address or search bar.
  2. Visit the website where you will create PDFs from pictures.
  3. Choose the way to import your file: drag and drop to the browser’s window; select from the folder catalog on your device; or upload it from your account on one of the proposed cloud storages.
  4. Import more pictures manually or press Ctrl while selecting the files to transfer multiple images at once.
  5. Change the positions of the available pictures by dragging them whenever and wherever you like.
  6. Begin the process by pressing the button Convert Now!
  7. Wait a few seconds till the free online converter saves your JPGs as PDFs.
  8. Click Continue Editing to proceed working with the ready document.
  9. Download the result of the conversion on your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.


Organize your workflow involving various formats and easily manage them with our service.

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