The benefits of converting HTML to PDF file

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Just about everything you see online is based on HTML. You’ll find HTML code on websites, blogs, and even social media. The websites you visit, use it to provide you with relevant information in a digital format.

Keep in mind that HTML is not a programming language. It’s a markup language for creating online pages and e-documents. But what should you do if you need to access web-based information offline? Situations like that are exactly where HTML to PDF converters come in handy and in some cases essential to doing active business in today’s digital landscape.

How to make HTML to PDF conversion work for you

While browsing or researching the internet, you may often come across relevant news, interesting articles, useful guides, and tips that you’d like to keep. If so, turn the webpage into an HTML file for accessing offline. HTML files can be opened whether you have internet or not but they aren’t the best for sharing with others. 


Taking an extra step and changing the HTML into a PDF will give you the ability to easily collect, manage, edit, and share valuable information found on the web. PDF is a universal format type that’s easy to work with and send. It’s one of the best formats for displaying both text and images, and looks the same on any device, regardless of the operating system.


Convert HTML to PDF with AltoConvertHTMLtoPDF and experience 5 great benefits


  • Unlimited conversions: 100% free

Go to in your preferred browser and benefit from unlimited conversions – no restrictions, no payments, no credit cards.

  • Cross-platform accessibility

Access Alto from anywhere, anytime on any mobile or desktop device. Get cross-platform accessibility with an online converter that works the same on every operating system. 

  • No registering, no installation

Avoid installing software. Convert documents online without needing to register an account or deal with annoying ads. 

  • Quality results 

Experience what it’s like to use a free tool that produces professional results. Get perfectly converted documents with undistorted layouts. 

  • Fast and secure

Keep your data safe. Process your files with a platform that takes security seriously and uses an encrypted web connection front to back.


It doesn’t matter whether you want to read articles offline or show someone your website on a plane, AltoConvertHTMLtoPDF can help you convert HTML to PDF in seconds. If needed, get access to more features like e-signing, editing, merging, and password protecting PDF documents with AltoPDF. Try it now, it’s free!


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The benefits of converting HTML to PDF file

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