Simple Ways To Organize Your Documents

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When it comes to dealing with multiple documents, you may face certain difficulties. Sometimes it may happen that you are searching for a single document among a host of identical icons on your desktop. It can be quite inconvenient and time-taking process, especially when you need to create a new file. This issue can be easily solved by organizing your folders and the desktop. Here you will find several useful tips that will help you to manage your documents with ease.

1 Categorizing your docs

When you take a decision to categorize your files, you make the process of document management much quicker and easier. It means you won't have any problems with locating and searching a needed file. For instance, you may create two folders like “Word” and “Personal” as well as categories according to you and your job specifics. After that you can define the categories where you will store created, downloaded or scanned files.

Distributing your docs in this way you can easily forget about any problems related to searching a necessary doc. In order to not get confused with your personal documents, you may divide them at such categories as medical records, insurance policies, mortgage agreements, identity certificates etc. If downloaded or created docs are not associated to any of the above mentioned categories, you may create such a subfolder as “Others” and keep them there. In order to facilitate process of searching, documents in this subfolder can be categorized as well.

It is very difficult to work with multiple documents, when your desktop is cluttered with files. It may seem easy at the first time and you think that any document will be easy to access at any time. However, it will take lots of time to find a needed document among the host of other in a messy order. Organizing your files in appropriate way, you will always have them near at hand.

2 Limiting the number of folders

When you have a myriad of contracts, invoices, bills and accompanying documents, you will need too many folders for them all. Dealing with such a big amount of files may cause certain difficulties. It will be much more convenient to keep 12 PDF files named Bills-month-2017 in your Bills folder rather than 12 folders in the same Bills catalog. If you have too many folders, you will have more difficulties with searching for a file you need. This problem can be easily solved by merging several documents into one single file. For instance, you may easily combine an agreement with other accompanying documentation using some service like Altomerge. As a result, you will have all associated docs together instead of several separate folders. Following the above mentioned tips, you will manage your documents with ease having a neat workspace.

3 Using archives

When you are dealing with a plenty of documents, it is reasonable to review your folders several times a year. In this way, you may easily define which documents you don’t need anymore as well as those that you should keep, i.e. medical and tax ones. Here archives may be useful. It doesn't mean you have to compress your files in .rar or .zip, it has to do with the concept of archiving. For this purpose, you may create a specific folder like “Archive” with annual or semiannual subfolders. It is the best way to store the documents you will need in future.

4 Keeping the registry

If you create archives, it will be useful to make a registry. For instance, if you don`t remember which year you signed certain agreement, you can go through the registry and easily find the needed one instead of opening each folder. In a registry you can list the documents kept in each specific archive. Don't forget to update your registry on regular basis, i.e. each time you download, scan, create or delete a file. The registries may also serve a summary that has to be created each time when you make another archive folder. Choose the most convenient way for you and manage your documents with ease.

5 Final verdict

Following the above mentioned tips you can easily track your documents and keep them in order. Now you can effortlessly keep your desktop, folders and files on your computer organized. If you still cannot find a document you need and searching for a certain file takes quite a lot of time, check if you followed the recommendations in a proper way. It is important not to mess up with the sequence of steps that will help you to organize your files. All the tips work together, for instance you cannot reduce the number of folders without categorizing the docs. Keeping the registries or not is a matter of choice. Remember, you will have well-organized folders if you follow the other three recommendations.

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