Is it Possible to Change JPG to PDF

AltoPDF team

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JPG was introduced in 1992 and become one of the most common image formats. Billions of these images are created every day in the world.

Understanding the popularity and simplicity of this format, developers have made a tool to change format from JPG to PDF. Such services are available not only in specialized software but also online. And our platform offers a comprehensive solution to this problem.

Why do I Need to change JPG to PDF

If you have a problem with the scanner or just don't have access to it, you can take a photo of the document. Yes, it's not the most convenient way, but better than nothing. Most likely, the file will be in JPG format.

Although, JPG is a very popular format but it has some drawbacks. It can be corrected only in image editors that require installation. Online services are very inconvenient and slow in functionality. You need to change the format from JPG to PDF to get started. It enables complete PDF editing and, ultimately, document management.

Where to Change JPG to PDF

Our service has the ability to change these formats. The conversion here is very simple and intuitive in just four steps!

1 Go to and download your files from your computer or cloud services. Yes, we do not need to convert each file separately. You can change the format from JPG to PDF and simultaneously merge files!

2 Add more files, make sure they are in the correct order and click “Convert Now”.

3 Wait for the conversion to complete. It is quick!

4 Your document is ready! You can save via "Download Now". And better use other convenient services from PDFFiller: edit online, sign, change properties, etc.