Having Problems with PDF Design? Convert it to JPG!

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Undoubtedly, PDF is a very convenient format. It is often used for document management or for saving good properties while sending and printing. You can edit, sign, share PDF files online without any additional software. But sometimes you may encounter a document with some problems. And you can usually fix them. This is a clear benefit of using PDF. You can change it to a format that can be edited on most computers or even mobile devices.

If you run into some problems in the text, our PDF converter can change it to doc or xls. However, if the problems are related to graphics, it would be advisable to convert the PDF to JPG. And then it will all depend on your skills. You can open any graphic editor and modify the file.

Are There any Advantages of Converting PDF to JPG?

It is not entirely appropriate to compare these formats. PDF supports more features. It can be a document or a graphic image. It can also be a layout for further actions at the same time. PDF is also more demanding for computer or mobile device software. 

JPG is only an image. However, we understand that everyone has their needs. And if you're looking to convert PDF to JPG, then you will really need it. We have a convenient solution for you - our PDF converter. With it, you can change the format quickly and easily without additional installations online. Our service will also help maintain the high quality of your files.

How to Convert PDF to JPG

Just 4 steps - and you will have your file in the right format.

To change the format from PDF to JPG online, you need to follow these instructions:


  1. Upload the PDF file from your computer or cloud service;
  2. Select the pages to convert by ticking or writing their numbers, and click “Convert Now”;
  3. Wait a bit for the file to be processed;
  4. Download it by clicking "Download Now".

Congratulations! All your files are already in the new format. Everything you need is ready!


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