How to Merge PDF Files to Make One File

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1 A Small Merging Tool with Huge Powers

Although it doesn’t look too impressive at first glance, this PDF merging tool can be incredibly useful when it comes to the functioning of any business. Using PDF documents is the better option due to the reliability and reusability of files and also because of their cross-platform capabilities. 

And merging these files can save you time, increase your job performance and help you better arrange the management of internal documentation. 

In fact, you might be surprised to discover how effective this minor feature can be on a mass scale. Having the ability to combine information gathered in multiple sources automatically, without any manual copying/pasting or data transfer, undoubtedly saves time and increases efficiency. 

2 Why Merging PDFs Is so Important for Document Management?

These highly customized PDFs include images, diagrams, and spreadsheets in combination with text. They are easily viewed and all the required information will be collected in a single file.

The best way to keep project documentation in the proper order is to make all the templates in PDF and merge them to have a single full-featured reference. Another case when this PDF merging tool proves to be the perfect solution is when you bring a template together to represent the scope of processes in the instance of delivering a completed project. 

Sending documents by email or messenger can make a mess if you attach numerous files to one message. Having all of them together is more convenient and easier for transfer and preview. 

Those who want to carefully group, store, and archive all their files will also appreciate the merge option which helps to systemize samples and keep them in order. The new merged PDF template saves time - helping you to avoid any mess or misunderstandings between team members or companies and clients. 

3 Short and Useful Process

Combining several templates into one is not as complicated as it sounds. The process is very simple and time-saving for those who are using the Alto Merge PDF platform. Its benefits are amazing. There are no payments and no need to provide any personal data to register. It also contains a very user-friendly interface. 

Additionally, this system offers a very simple conversion process. 

The process works in the following way:

  1. Import your files one by one to the website. It’s possible to add them from your inner storage, the cloud or just drag and drop. The service allows a combination of different storages to upload files.
  2. Once all docs are ready, click on the Merge PDFs Now button and the template combination process will start.
  3. Wait half a minute and save the sample to your inner or cloud-based storage, such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

As a result, you get a full document that will help you to avoid information loss. All the merged PDF templates are carefully stored - ready to be accessed by any authorized person.

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