PPTX General Information

PPTX is a PowerPoint presentation that's based on the previously used in the older MS Office pack versions.

Since 2007, it's been the default files used to store presentations with images, texts, animation, video and audio effects, graphs and slides.  

Unlike PPT (which is based on binary) this format is based on ZIP compression. This basically means the files take up less space. But despite the smaller size, presentations still include good quality graphics and videos. As a result, presentations can easily be shared with online messengers or email, while taking up less memory in your device’s internal storage.

The newer versions can also contain screenshots.

The Technical Characteristics of PPTX

For the most part, the majority of users who create presentations usually work with PowerPoint software. Because of this, the foundation of a more convenient and easy-to-work-with format appeared.

When compared to PPT, this format is easier to use, and the data it contains can be managed and recovered easier.

ECMA-376 Office XML standard is used in PPTX. This means that any software based on XML technology has access to this information.

Although OPC structure information is zipped here, some parts are still binary.

File extension .pptx
File category Presentation
Associated programs

Apple Keynote

Microsoft PowerPoint


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Developer Microsoft