PPT File Extension

PPT format is usually associated with the PowerPoint presentation maker that belongs to the Microsoft Office package.

This extension serves to open presentations that users create for their business and personal purposes. With the help of the PP program, anyone can present information to an audience by using slides filled with text, pictures, diagrams, videos, and audio. One can also adjust the appearance of objects in the slides.

In general, the tool provides a lot of options for presentation customization. But with that said, users often lack the knowledge of how to properly apply them.

Technical Characteristics of PPT

This format was first implemented in 1987 with the creation of PowerPoint in the form of a binary file.

It served as the default type of extension for all versions up until 2007. Then, it was superseded by PPTX, where X is XML. This was done in order to erase the borders between other similar solutions.

Additionally, XML makes files more flexible and adaptable; it’s more easy and convenient to operate documents.

The older format is still used within MS PowerPoint and can be easily converted to PPTX when it’s necessary.

File extension .ppt
File category Presentation
Associated programs

Apple Keynote


Microsoft PowerPoint


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