PDF Format for Documents

The PDF abbreviation stands for Portable Document Format.

It’s an open file format invented by Adobe company. It’s also one of the most popular extensions available and is readable on any device - from desktop personal computers to smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system they use.

A document in this format may contain not only text, but also graphical objects, pictures, and other media. It can also be customized with comments and notes.

PDF File Features

The flexibility of this extension lies in the fact that it’s not bound to a certain solution while operating and opening it. You also have the opportunity to create a specific password for your document in order to protect sensitive data.

With the help of respective editors and tools, the user can customize the file, extract information, convert it in various ways, and use optical recognition technology in order to make the text editable.

File extension .pdf
File category Document
Associated programs

Adobe Viewer





Acrobat Reader

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File conversion Convert a file to PDF
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