The JPG Image Format

Sending pictures by email or posting them on websites, unfortunately, limits the image size and extension.

JPGs are perfect for those purposes. Having JPGs on websites decreases the loading time of the page. Also, attaching JPGs to emails helps you share any photo without damaging its quality (but with smaller resolution and file size). Additionally, this image type is used when a picture is made with a digital camera, but it doesn't have a default option (you may choose the photo format you desire).

This type of image is bad for documents since it sometimes fails to display distinct lines and letters. If you scan or make a photo of a document in JPG, it's better to convert it to a more convenient format, like PDF.

When compressing your pictures, you should remember that it will display worse on a larger screen.

Technical Details of JPGs

JPG pictures are good for resizing and changing resolution, as they complete the image out of pixels.

Because of the rectangle and square shaping, the picture always looks good on the website (without overloading the site). Thanks to its resolution flexibility and responsiveness, it displays well on any device.

This format is better for photos, but they display plain lines and colors worse, as JPGs have a raster, but not vector features.

Still, those pics are the best choice for balancing resolution with quality and file size.

File extension .jpg
File category Image
Associated programs

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Suite

Apple Preview

Corel Paint Shop Pro

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer

Most web browsers

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