JPEG Image Format

JPEG is a digital image extension, the name of which is an acronym taken from its founders - Joint Photographic Expert Group.

It’s also known as JPG. It uses lossy compression to press the graphics which helps to more easily store and distribute pictures and photos. This image extension is one of the most widespread and popular among users due to its small size and ability to adjust the quality of a picture.

There is also no need to worry about compatibility since JPG is readable on any device.

JPEG Format Features

The key feature of this extension is that is flexibility: it can both worsen the quality and preserve it.

It’s not suitable for pictures subjected to major changes and creating high-resolution designer objects, yet those pictures are used for sharing on the web and placement on various platforms due to the compact size of the pictures. JPG also handles color that does not exceed 24 bit and contains the description of the file content in the form of metadata.

This format can be opened and recognized within any operating system, whether it’s Mac, Windows PC, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or any other tablet.

File extension .jpeg
File category Image
Associated programs

Adobe Photoshop

Corel Paint Shop Pro

Apple Preview

Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer

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