The DOC Format

Anybody who’s ever worked with DOC files associates them with Microsoft Office Word. And as in most cases, they're created and edited with this solution.

This format was created to allow users to edit plain-text documents on any personal computer. Although it was very popular among internet users during the 90’s, nowadays, its popularity is on the decline.

Over the course of time, DOC has gained numerous additional features in addition to its original simple document-editing features. But for the most part, DOC files are still mostly used to insert simple plain text.

But when a user has more complicated docs that require heavy formatting, usually another format is required.

Technical Characteristics of DOC Files

DOC documents can easily be opened on any computer that has a pre-installed Microsoft Office pack. It's binary coding and frameworks concentrate on the size, font, shape, and color of the text. Those documents may also contain tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.

The drawback of using these documents is that a template, created with a newer version of the software, may not always display correctly in the older versions of MS Word, as well as in text editing software, like Apple Pages or Open Office. Thus, a text-rich format doesn't always display all data in the same way. But, plain textual information usually remains the same as in the original. So although these files have a number of capabilities, they still tend to have compatibility problems.

It can be difficult to open files of this type on certain computers, tablets, or smartphones without specialized software. 

File extension .doc
File category Document
Associated programs

Microsoft Word (97-2010)



Apple Pages



Microsoft Word


IBM Lotus Symphony

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