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How to Convert PPT to PDF Documents

Mastering how to use a software as it relates to your field of work is becoming even more important these days - the better your skills are, the faster and more efficiently you can work with different technologies.

And being able to create powerful presentations is a cornerstone of success in many fields. Representing information in the right way to your intended audience will always play a significant role.

But when it’s necessary to send a PowerPoint presentation via email, it can be easy to run into difficulties: we might not know what kind of device our recipient is going to use to open and view the ppt file (smartphone, tablet, etc.) or it’ll be unknown what kind of software will be utilized (Windows, iOS, etc.)

If the file you’re trying to send isn’t compatible with either the software or hardware of the recipient, the formatting of the slides might be changed - which in turn could corrupt the whole file.

To prevent such misfortunes and to preserve the integrity of your files, it’s always worth a shot to save ppt as a PDF. To do this, all you have to do is use the AltoPPTtoPDF online solution and simply convert your ppt presentations to PDF resolution.

To learn how to do this quickly and easily, read the information given below.


The How to Guide

How to Save PPT Presentation as a PDF File

  1. Open your web browser and type altoppttopdf.com in your web search bar.
  2. The browser will immediately take you to the website. Otherwise, follow the first link in the list of search results.
  3. Then click/tap on the Choose File button - upload the file from the cloud or drag and drop it directly into the browser window.
  4. To start the file conversion, click/tap on Convert Now!
  5. You can cancel the ppt to PDF conversion if you decide to change your mind and delete the file.
  6. When the conversion is done, save the ready document by clicking/pressing on Download PDF.
  7. Make a batch format transformation by repeating this process multiple times using the Start over again button.
  8. To make changes to your initial document and share it, use the Work on your PDF option.


Experience the Benefits of the PPT to PDF Converter

AltoPPTtoPDF was designed specifically to provide a unique service to its users,

Therefore it has the following advantages:

  • It’s easier to use due to an intuitive interface and its straightforward but useful functions.
  • It costs literally nothing because the website requires no charges, approvals or registrations.
  • It works fast - the whole conversion cycle takes barely a minute.
  • It’s available for any device with an internet connection.
  • It allows merging information from a presentation into a portable document format, which makes the storage and distribution of the document more convenient and secure.


Alto platform provides similar services for other document formats as well. You don’t have to be bound to only one type of file. You should be able to freely exchange information between them. Turn text and image files into PDFs and vice-versa. Manipulate page sequence, set password and much much more.