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How to Convert PDF to Word

It’s not always an easy task working with PDF documents.

Some people have difficulties when trying to understand the format of editing software. Making the text and pages look the way they want it to can be a problem if you don't fully understand how a program works. And some programs only provide a limited set of features unless you buy a subscription for the full product. If that weren't enough, some editors even leave their custom watermarks which end up making the file improper for use.

At the end of the day, sometimes it's more convenient to just edit and process your text in Word.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online Even on a Mac

So, what should you do, if you want to make quick changes to your document without using a complex editor?

The answer is quite simple. The most straightforward way is to use PDF to Word converter. We suggest that you take full advantage of our AltoPDFtoWord service. It’s a website where you can turn one format into another and enjoy the following benefits:

  • The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so you don’t need any specific knowledge.
  • Everything happens online in the web-browser, without requiring you to install any software.
  • The whole procedure takes a few seconds unless you want to change 100 PDFs to Word.
  • Convert as many documents as you need absolutely for free.
  • The program works no matter what operating system you utilize. If you upload the results of your conversation on a Mac and open it, it will automatically open in Pages.

The How to Guide

How to Convert PDF Into Word File Without Installing Any Software

  1. Open your web browser and type altoconvertpdftoword.com.
  2. Once the website appears on your screen, drag and drop the necessary document into the framed section.
  3. Alternatively, upload it from your device storage by clicking Choose File, or from one of the proposed cloud storages.
  4. Press Convert Now!
  5. If you have chosen the wrong file, click the orange bucket icon on the top of the document and upload the right one.
  6. Wait a few seconds until the web-solution finishes its work.
  7. Download the editable document in docx format and do whatever further actions you deem necessary.
  8. Share your document via email or fax with the Work on your PDF option.


Try the Free Word to PDF Converter Right Now!

When dealing with paperwork, a lot of things can bring you frustration and leave you exhausted.

AltoPDFtoWord website is designed for those who are seeking a fast way to convert PDFs to Word or just don’t like working with portable document format. For those who find working with PDF editors to be a piece of cake but need converting for other reasons, there is an option that allows editing to the original file. The Work on your PDF button transfers you to another web-solution where you can customize the text with a variety of tools and even sign the document electronically.