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How to Convert PDF to PNG Images

AltoPDF team

Mar 4 2020 / 15 min read

When dealing with graphical objects, you sometimes need to transform the text of a document into an image.

And saving a PDF as a PNG while preserving the high quality of the original is a simple task when using solutions like the altopdftopng converter.

File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: The PDF file format has been developed to present and exchange files reliably, independent on software and computer or device you use. Comparing PDF with other formats, it preserves the original look of the document while enabling file sharing. PDF document are widely used in Web due to special Plug-in.
Technical Details: To create a document with a minimum size, you must use vector graphics and "safe" fonts. There are 14 such fonts in total: The most popular of them are Times, Courier, Helvetica (v3), Symbol, Zapf Dingbats. These fonts can be used without embedding them in a document. Any of existing programs must correctly display them.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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File extension .png
Internet media type image/png
Description: PNG is file extension for raster graphic with lossless compression. It is widely used for creating logos, navigation elements for pages, engravings, lithographs, texts and drawings with clear edges of images. This means, PNG is useful everywhere, where transparency, good compression, detail and clear borders for the image are needed.
Technical Details: PNG is optimal for images with a small number of colors (for example, for icons, diagrams, and drawings). PNG is a compact format, but applicable only to images with a limited number of colors. PNG is very convenient for storing intermediate versions of any image. Later resaving does not lose quality.
Developed by PNG Development Group
Initial Release: 1 October 1996
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Easily Convert PDF to PNG Files

  1. Streamline your workflow by changing the format of your documents online.
  2. Store PDF files in PNG resolution and preserve the quality of the visual content you’re working with.
  3. Download your text documents in portable document format to the AltoPDFtoPNG website and get as many images as you need.
  4. Use the full version of the converting program without any installation.
  5. Experience the advantages of various image formats. PNG is one of the most frequently-used resolutions out there because of its high-quality and convenient usage.
  6. Save a PDF as a PNG so the white background of the picture or photo blends with any white sheet when placed on it. This means the colorful image will look like an integral part of the document where you introduced the image.
  7. Spend less time on file conversion with our user-friendly interface for solution possessing.
  8. Get multiple images from your document. Select how many pages of the document you’d like to turn into pictures.
  9. Automate your working processes with the help of our online services for file conversion.
  10. Manage different document types within seconds.


The How to Guide

How to Convert PDF to PNG

  1. Enter the address into your web address bar.
  2. When you’re on the website, drag and drop the file you want to convert to png.
  3. Import the document from one of the offered cloud storages.
  4. Choose what pages should be converted.
  5. Click/tap on the Convert Now! button to start.
  6. Download the obtained picture or an archived one if you converted several pages.
  7. Click/tap on Continue with your PDF if the original needs some changes.
  8. With the help of the Start over again option, you can create more conversions.


Convert PDF to PNG Without Losing Any Quality

If you want to be sure that your documents are successfully saved as images with preserved quality and accuracy, try using one of the Alto websites - such as AltoPDFtoPNG converter.

This solution will help you to achieve your document-conversion goals quickly and free of charge.

Experience other types of Alto solutions. Convert PDF to many more formats such as doc, xls, ppt and jpg; rotate the pages of a file, split them and merge; set or remove a password.

These sites require no subscriptions or installations - and all of this can be reached in a few seconds through your web browser.