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File extension .pdf File extension .png
Internet media type application/pdf Internet media type image/png
File format name Portable Document Format File format name Portable Network Graphics
Associated programs Adobe Viewer, Ghostscript, Ghostview, Xpdf, gPDF, Acrobat Reader Associated programs Microsoft Windows Photos, Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop CC
Developed by ISO Developed by PNG Development Group
Initial Release: 15 June 1993 Initial Release: 1 October 1996
Useful links: https://en.wikipedia.org/
Useful links: https://en.wikipedia.org/



The easiest way to change PDF to PNG

How to convert a PDF document to a PNG image online

Portable Document Format is exceptionally convenient for document management. You can edit, e-sign, and protect files, but sometimes image formats are really handy. Therefore, you need an easy-to-use tool to convert PDF to PNG. Among hundreds of online converters, it's hard to find a convenient platform. However, if you're on this page, you've already found one. AltoPDF is what you need for solving a wide variety of issues related to PDFs. 

How to convert PDF to PNG in a few clicks

  1. Select Choose Files to upload a document and launch the PDF converter
  2. Choose pages to be converted by clicking on their thumbnails. 
  3. Select Convert Now and wait for the end of processing. 
  4. Click Download Now to save images. 
  5. Select Start over again to change the format of another document. 

When the process is over, you'll get a high-quality image or a whole ZIP folder of high-quality images. Convert to PNG absolutely free. And after editing your pictures, try other AltoPDF tools to create your professional PDFs. Get started now! 

Watch the video on how to convert PDF to PNG online

Converting PDF to PNG is as easy as 1-2-3 when you use AltoConvertPDFtoPNG. Learn how to change the format of your files online securely with our helpful video tutorial.

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Compress PDF βœ” βœ” ❌
Rotate PDF βœ” βœ” ❌
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How To Convert PDF to PNG

Empower yourself with a robust tool to convert files. It will help to save your time and efforts and retain quality at the highest level.

How to Convert PDF to PNG Online

Images are more preferable for editing and ideal as a graphic variant. And the conversion process is the best way to get an image in the format you need without losing quality. There are a wide variety of solutions available for mobile and computer devices. One of the fastest and simplest ways to change the file format without losing its quality is through online conversion. With AltoConvertPDFtoPNG, you do not need to register. Just make the conversion as many times as you need. Follow these steps to make the conversion with AltoConvertPDFtoPNG:

  1. Import the file to the website.
  2. Wait until the template uploads and click the Convert Now button.
  3. Save the final document to the inner memory of your device or cloud.
  4. Repeat the operation if needed. 

With the online converter, you can make simple and fast conversions while avoiding expensive annual payments or subscriptions. And thanks to this anonymous conversion process, you also protect your personal information and avoid getting annoying emails. Additionally, the highest level of data protection is used. All documents are encrypted and decrypted in accordance with the latest data encryption methods. All you have to do in order to get a perfect-quality image is to have a browser-equipped device that's connected to the Internet. 

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How to Convert PDF to PNG With Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser that is very popular among internet users. 

When it first appeared, nobody paid much attention to it. It was simply treated as just one more browser. 

But Google’s developers proved that they had created an absolutely new and unique browser with a powerful toolkit, user-friendly interface, multiple integrations and useful extensions. 

Thanks to all that, it gained popularity incredibly fast. 

It has numerous built-in as well as custom options. It is also effective when it reviews PDFs. 

But when it comes to making conversions, you may be required to install additional extensions. Let’s take a look at how we can make a file conversion with one of the free extensions —  Alto PDF to PNG for Chrome. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to convert a PDF file into a PNG image:

  1. Install Alto PDF to PNG converter from Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click on the application logo in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Import the document from an internal computer’s memory or Google Drive Storage. 
  4. Choose pages for conversion and click at Convert option.
  5. Download the PNG image to your inner storage. 

Using Chrome for editing documents and converting them is much easier than installing specific software onto your computer. In addition to saving time and effort, you also don’t run the risk of overloading your device’s internal memory. 

With that said, you still have easy access to the conversion tool. The extension is free, which means you are saving both time and money. 

Using Chrome as a platform for work lets you use its features in a way that makes you more productive and effective at work.

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How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows

Windows supports an unlimited number of services that are easily installed to a platform. For example, you can use the browser to find an online solution or add their extension. Also, it is possible to install the software. In fact, there is a wide variety of software solutions that should be chosen in accordance with your needs. 

There are a number of poly-functional solutions that have file conversion as one of the features. In most cases, they require payment and take up a lot of memory. There is also a wide range of software solutions that are free in most cases and focus on only one main feature.  Here is a step-by-step guide for using an online service:

  1. Install the service from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Open and/or register.
  3. Import a PDF file to the program. 
  4. Click the conversion button.
  5. Wait until the operation finishes.
  6. Add the file destination folder and save it. 

Those who installed a one-feature software should follow steps, given above. Those who preferred a more advanced solution should first familiarize themselves with the interface of the installed software. If the service is too complicated, it is better to find the manual to have a better idea of how to use the program. Of course, keep in mind that the variant with an online solution or one-feature software is more time-saving. The Microsoft Store contains numerous free and paid solutions and you can always choose the one that best corresponds to your needs.

BackgroundHow to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows

How to Convert PDF to PNG with Preview on Mac

Mac desktop computers and laptops are very popular and known worldwide. With a Mac, you get not only a device with a trendy brand name, but also you get a device with a platform that views, processes, edits, and converts the most popular document formats with default applications. Fortunately for Mac owners, they do not need to pay for expensive software solutions or search for an online service. You even don’t need an internet connection. Just open Preview and complete any operation you need.  The conversion process on Mac goes the following way:

  1. Open the document with Preview.
  2. Use the CMD+SHIFT+S shortcut to open the Export menu.
  3. Click on Format and select PNG. 
  4. Add a saving destination (folder) for the further storage of new files.
  5. Hit on Save and the changes will be completed. 

Those who want to make operations even faster can process conversions via the usage of the terminal. You need to type in the search field of the Finder word terminal and open it. The next step is to add a piece of sips code to the terminal that will contain the following data sips -s format png your_pdf_file.pdf out your_png_file.png. This command will turn the existing PDF file into a PNG file format. 

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How to Convert PDF to PNG on Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is an integral part of the complicated systems that cover software installed on computers, mobile phones, and cloud storage. Ideally, all of your edited documents can be synchronized through the Adobe Document Cloud. For a simple conversion (if you previously haven’t installed Acrobat to your device), the best choice would be to download the trial version. The standard trial period lasts for a week. You can then use Acrobat further, but some features in it will be limited. Here is how one can convert PDF to PNG with Acrobat:

  1. Open your file in Acrobat.
  2. Click Tools, then choose the Export PDF option.
  3. Select Image and PNG format. Specify additional image settings if necessary.
  4. Specify the folder for the image storage and click on Save.

Using Adobe solutions is very convenient for users who have a business or work with documents and templates on a regular basis. If you are using this solution once a year for filing your taxes, then the subscription plan probably won’t be necessary. 

You definitely should install and try all its options in the beginning. 

If you enjoy the interface and you realize that you do need all of the features, then keep processing your documents with this solution. It will ease up and speed up the way you process documents.

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How to convert pdf to png online for free

Among the myriad online free converters consider altopdf.com. It provides a fast and secure conversion. It’s easy to operate, as you get guides through the entire process. The platform is optimized for use across the most popular OS. You don’t need additional software, just make sure that you are online before you start.