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How to Convert PDF to JPG

When working with PDFs, sometimes it's more convenient to just convert a PDF file into an image format.

For example, when you're scanning, the program you're using may propose different options on how to save the prepared scans. Sometimes you can choose the format for the saved files - but sometimes they're automatically kept in PDFs by default.

This is convenient if you're scanning documents with text. In this case, you can decode it with the help of optical recognition technology services, print it out or customize it in a specific editor.

But what if you're trying to get qualitative pictures?

Let say, you’ve decided to transfer the whole family photo archive into cloud storage. If your scanner leaves you no choices of formatting, you'll have to scan all the pictures into PDFs - which offer poor and limited options for image processing. You also won't have the ability to properly adjust contrast and intensity. The only right way is to convert PDF to JPG. To do this, you will need a reliable solution such as AltoPDFtoJPG.

File extension .pdf
Internet media type application/pdf
Description: PDF is a file extension, that makes documents look the same on any screen of any device or computer. Any information in a PDF document may be encrypted, so PDF is widely used for signing the contracts and agreements. E-signatures identify the person signing the document and work as a handwritten one.
Technical Details: PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This means Such documents can be presented on any screen independently of application software, hardware, and operating systems, they always look the same. In addition, PDF can contain different types of content. PDF file is often a combination of text, illustrations and design elements, such as shaped and lines.
Developed by ISO
Initial Release: 15 June 1993
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File extension .jpg/.jpeg
Internet media type image/jpeg
Description: JPG is one the most popular file formats that is widely used all over the world. JPG is famous for it’s high and controlled compression. You can choose both quality and file size. JPG is always properly displayed on all computers, tablets and mobile devices. In spite of small degree of compression, the image quality remains quite high.
Technical Details: JPG is a file extension for images. The uniqueness of the format is controlled loss of quality during compression. JPG is most suitable for storing digital images containing smooth color transitions, shadows, and brightness, and transferring bitmap images over the Internet. JPG is recognizable by all browsers, graphics and text editors.
Developed by Joint Photographic Experts Group
Initial Release: 18 September 1992
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About the PDF File to JPG Image Online Converter

Site AltoPDFtoJPG is a solution for anyone who wants to turn documents into images.

  • There's no need to download or install any software for a desktop computer or applications for smartphones and tablets. The tool works on the web. You only have to upload your file and everything else is done online.
  • It takes barely a minute for the whole process, starting from when you enter the website to when you finish with an open and ready image.
  • It’s totally free. No need to purchase any subscription plans or pay charges for downloading the documents. And there’s also no registration.
  • The number of operations is unlimited. You can use it over and over again. You can convert all your PDF photo scans to images, as well as do it with photo archives of your relatives and friends - it’s that simple.
  • The service works the same for Windows, Mac, desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • AltoPDFtoJPG is so intuitive and easy to use that even my granny turns PDFs into JPGs without any effort - it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

The How to Guide

How to Convert PDF to JPG on Any Device

  1. Reach the service at the address via your web-browser.
  2. Click the orange Choose File button.
  3. Search for the necessary documents on your device.
  4. Alternatively, you can find it first and then drag and drop it to the web-page.
  5. Indicate what pages should be converted. You can select one, all pages or a certain range of pages.
  6. Press Convert Now! and wait a few seconds.
  7. If you have selected more than one page, the service will suggest that you download an archive with ready images.
  8. Also, you can select to Work on your PDF in the PDFfiller editor and share via email or Fax.


Start using AltoPDFtoJPG right now and forget about the inconvenience of format inconsistencies.