Why Do I Need to Convert a PDF into a Powerpoint Presentation

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Undoubtedly, PDF is more convenient than PPT or PPTX. The first one is supported by most of the systems and computers. You do not need additional software to open your presentation. You can edit PDF in a good editor even online. Why do you need to convert PDF to PPT?

PowerPoint Presentation supports animations and has more opportunities to visualize your content: graphs, audio and video files, etc. Including these things in PDFs is impossible.

The other important advantage of PPT that you do not need to look for a good PDF editor to make some changes. You need to know only Microsoft PowerPoint or analogs.

One of the most important disadvantages of using PPTX for presentations is an opportunity to receive the file with the “crashed” order of your content. If you use specific fonts or graphics, not from the standard Microsoft set, probably you’ll have problems. That’s one of the most common reasons why people use a Portable Document Format for saving presentations. 

What Will I Receive After Converting PDF to PPT?

Using ALTO Converter you will receive a file with good-looking graphics with saved colors and fonts. You will be able to edit texts and other objects. 

Be careful while editing the presentation. Some objects can be not found, so they may disappear from your document. But no converter can solve this problem: often users link them to files on their computers, so the software can’t reach it. We hope you will have no problems like this.

How to convert PDF to PPT?

  1. Click ‘Choose File’ to upload your file to the server. You can use cloud services like GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or the ‘Drag and Drop’ function.
  2. After uploading your document to our server click the button ‘Convert Now’ to start processing. 
  3. Wait for a while. Your file will be prepared in some moments.
  4. Download your file to your device or save it to cloud storage. Everything is done!

Want to find out more?

Explore the most innovative solutions for e-document managing. On our weblog, you can assess the most recent trends in the world of PDF application advancement and understand the best practices.

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