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Businessmen and women who run their own companies are most likely looking for every possible way to increase productivity, streamline operations, and reduce costs. On top of that, many have a strong belief in solving environmental issues or at least not contributing to more problems. Businesses all over the globe are making it a goal to be more environmentally aware. Therefore, e-document workflows are more relevant today than ever before. We want to introduce you to our list of top reasons why going paperless is not only an eco-friendly decision but also an efficient way to increase business productivity.

Environmentally-friendly approach

Going paperless is to some extent a synonym to going green. The paper industry is one of the largest consumers of energy on the planet. Besides, paper overuse has a huge impact on the business’s carbon footprint, not to mention the chemicals involved in the printing process. Below we’re going to introduce 3 ways automation helps save the planet.

  • Trees

To start, trees are the raw material needed for manufacturing paper. Yet humanity also needs them for producing oxygen. The current situation is that almost 50% of the world’s forests have already been destroyed for paper, development, and farming. Not only do automated workflows reduce the cutting down of trees, but they also eliminate paper waste (trash, chemicals, etc.). 

  • Water

Not many of us have to think about how water plays an important part in the papermaking process. Figures show that approximately 40 gallons of water are used to produce just 1 pound of paper. If to take into account the dramatic situation with drinking water shortages, these seemingly small figures start looking much more serious. 

  • Air pollution

Except for trees and water, paper manufacturing deprives us of fresh air by polluting the atmosphere with CO2 emissions. On average, the process of creating 1 ton of paper contaminates the air with 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide.

Cost-efficient solution

A paperless workflow also has a number of financial benefits. The main thing here is to choose a reliable software. altoPDF is one of the most efficient solutions for companies aiming at going paperless and automating their workflows. Here are the most obvious ways to reduce unnecessary expenses by means of automation:


  1. Paper, ink, printing equipment, and other supplies cost a pretty penny. An electronic document workflow eliminates all of these expenses. 
  2. Employees won’t have to spend their working time managing paper documents manually. Therefore, they can focus on more important tasks (e.g., working with clients) which will result in increased revenue for the company.
  3. Due to the fact that electronic document workflow helps to speed up business processes, deals and contracts are concluded faster. Consequently, clients are happier and payments are received within shorter periods of time. Besides, satisfied clients will more likely recommend the company to their friends, which potentially increases the business’s customer base. 

Increased security

First of all, e-document storage keeps paperwork private. The document’s author can set security permissions on their own; who can view the e-document, edit it, etc. Besides, any alterations made to the electronic document are easily tracked in the history of changes. If you have a smooth internet connection, you can monitor who is editing your documents in real-time regardless of your location. By going paperless you no longer have to worry about your documents’ security in force majeure situations like fires, earthquakes, etc. Physical damage will not be an issue anymore.


Going paperless is much easier than one may think. All you have to do is select a software solution that meets your company’s needs. Choose altoPDF and kill two birds with one stone; increase the productivity of your business and protect the natural resources we can’t live without.


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