How to Save Your Performance With Converting PowerPoint Presentation to PDF

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PDF is a very useful format for publishing and sending. You can be patient about the appearance of your file. Changing format provides converting from a complex of separate elements to curves and forming a monolithic accord from it.

If you create professional-designed applications with specific objects, such as fonts or graphics, you must know that not every computer has needed elements. Usually, people have only a standard set of tools. Saving your presentation as a demonstration cannot be a guarantee of success. So… What do you need to do? Convert PPT to PDF. Your stunning presentation will save its appearance and you don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

Pros and Cons of Converting PowerPoint Presentation to PDF

Even if you have the usual presentations, you need to understand the possibility of the “crash” of your file. Do you really need to convert PowerPoint Presentation to PDF? Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this process.


  1. All objects are stored as you have laid them out. You will not be disappointed by the poor appearance of your presentation.
  2. Compatibility with most of the computers and systems. You don’t need additional software to open your file.
  3. PDFs have smaller sizes than others. It won’t be a problem to upload it to cloud service or e-mail or download files.
  4. Saving your presentation in a portable document format provides a high quality of all your content.
  5. The growing popularity of PDF. Today people use more files in this format rather than other Office or iWork software.
  6. This format can be quickly edited even online.
  7. Creating this file type can be made in almost all programs and converters.


  1. It does not support animations.
  2. You need to know services that make your editing PDFs possible, such as PDFfiller, Adobe Reader, etc.

How to convert PPT to PDF in some clicks

  1. Open our ALTO Converter. Upload your presentation from a computer or cloud services. 
  2. Wait while the file is uploading to the server. Don’t worry, it’s completely secure. Click ‘Convert Now’ to start processing. 
  3. Wait a few moments while your PowerPoint presentation is converting to PDF.
  4. Choose what to do with your file: download to your device, upload to cloud services or edit in online with a powerful solution for PDF - PDFfiller.

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