How to Rotate PDF Pages for Them to Look Correct

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1 Improve The Way You Rotate The Pages Of Your Document 

At one time or another, everyone has had to deal with documents that either fully or partially contained pages with the wrong orientation. 

The document looking this way is quite complicated in perception and information processing and can bring a mess in the regular working process. A small problem, causing a number of bigger ones. 

Undoubtedly, one can try to rescan the document, but it will take extra time and this solution to the problem is not always available. 

The needed file may not just be wrongly scanned but contain different pages with landscape and portrait orientation that influences viewing quality. 

As a result, textual data and images look in horizontal and vertical orientations and it is quite difficult to work with data the document contains or preview it. 

To solve this problem, just change pages orientation to the correct one by rotating them on the corresponding service. Choose the solution with a quite simple toolkit, not overloaded by extra advertisement and extra payments. 

2 How to Correct Pages Orientation

Correcting pages orientation online is one of the most simple tasks if you are using the right service, like Alto Rotate PDF. It is one of the most reliable services thanks to its numerous features. The service is fully cross-platform, not having any limitations of the devices one uses and their operating systems. The rotation process is quite strict and transparent, without any hidden fees or registration. It helps to rotate the entire document at once or just separate pages. 

The solution is fully secure, cloud-based and has a smooth orientation-changing process. To improve the sample with Alto PDF platform, follow the number of simple steps, given below:

  1. Visit the website, using your browser.
  2. Import the document to the website using one of the following ways: drag and drop the template to the service, browse for it in the device’s internal memory. Also, you can add the template, available in the cloud storage.
  3. Wait until PDF file uploads and use preview images to fix pages orientation, using arrows.
  4. Submit changes and save the final template to the device or cloud.

The built-in transformation engine recognizes every page in details and creates a document preview icons. It has the entire template rotating tool and separate arrows for every particular page. Thanks to that everyone may process documents with a suitable tool.

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