How To Merge PDFs Documents In A Matter Of Minutes

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1 Choose an appropriate document format

PDF is one of the most popular formats with users. The main advantage of PDF is that it retains its formatting and people who you share files with will see the same doc format on their devices as you do. There is no need to open a doc in different formats and further change the position of its content manually. One more advantage is that the content of PDFs is not alterable, so be sure the important information won't be missing after you share your files. PDFs can easily save your time as well as boost your productivity. All the users of PDF documents are provided with an ability to keep their docs secure and protect them with a password as well as restrict the access of the third parties.

When it comes to changing the format of PDF files, the users may face several difficulties. You may need to download and install additional software in order to view and change such files. In case you need to create a new doc, you will have to use a specific app on a paid basis.

2 Why to merge multiple PDFs into one document?

One of the most important reasons to combine several PDF documents into one is that it will definitely facilitate your workflow. Dealing with a great number of PDFs may be quite a complicated task. Moreover, it is difficult to protect all your files with a password and there is quite a big possibility to delete accidentally one of the files.

This issue may be easily solved by combining several documents into one file. For instance, when you have several PDFs one of which contains images and the other one contains text, you can easily combine them in order to prepare a great presentation. Note that if you need to copy and paste the content to a new PDF, you will have to install additional software. A new PDF may be prepared by scanning docs and then creating an image or using the online merging tool. Since scanning may be quite time-consuming, we offer you to accomplish this task digitally in order to save your time.

3 What is the best program for combining PDFs: online or offline?

When it comes to programs for combining PDFs, you have an opportunity to choose an online or offline version. In order to use offline program, you need to download it first and then install on a computer. The con of such program is that it takes much space on your hard drive and in most cases it requires money. But the advantage is an ability to handle your docs everywhere and anytime without internet connection.Unlike the offline version, online program is much more easy-to-use and it provides the users with the step-by-step instructions that allow to accomplish the procedure just in a few clicks. The only thing you need is free access to the internet. One more advantage is that online programs like can be used for free. They also allow you merging multiple PDF files on any internet-connected device without having to look through a tutorial. The process of combining docs online is rather easy. Here find several easy steps that will help you with manipulating your documents:

  • upload the PDF docs you want to work with to the uploading box (note that number of docs is usually limited to 5);
  • after that click the “Merge” button;
  • finally, download a combined PDF file on your computer.

This procedure can be implemented just in a few minutes. After that you have an ability to send your merged file straight from the website by email or edit it to fit your needs using multiple editing tools. Note that time for merging documents depends on the quality of your internet connection that is the only disadvantage of the online service.

4 Where to find a PDF merging tool?

Before you search a program for merging PDF docs, it is required to decide which one do you need - online or offline. Once you decided, go to the website and choose whether to download it straight from the source or to use it online. If your documents contain confidential details, make sure that service doesn’t keep the uploaded files on the server for a long time.

When choosing a suitable program, consider first all the pros and cons of online and offline versions. Take into account such factors as document size, quality of internet connection and safety measures.

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